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Membership FAQs

I would like a membership including West Coast Eagles home games. What options are available?

As we are currently at full capacity for access memberships, the next best option available is In The Wings. This will entitle you to a membership pack, access to the latest information with member eNews, invitations to member events and West Coast Eagles Team Store offers. 

As an In The Wings member, you will also be allocated a place on the wait list to obtain game access memberships for up to two adults and two juniors per wait list number once the space becomes available.

How long is the wait list if I join In The Wings?

This is very difficult to answer accurately, and will now change with the move to Optus Stadium. Regardless of wait time, joining as an In The Wings member now will put you in the best position to obtain an access membership in the future. 

How many seats can I obtain when I am eventually upgraded from In The Wings?

In The WIngs members are entitled to a total of two adult and two junior access memberships upon upgrade. The amount of seats that you are offered may vary in regards to reserved seating, as it depends on the remaining availabilities at Optus Stadium by the time we reach your waitlist position.  

Can I transfer my season membership to a friend?

Due to the club's large wait list, membership transfers are only permitted between immediate family members. 

If you wish to transfer your seat to an immediate family member, please complete the required form and return it to the club. We also require documentation to prove the immediate family relationship (such as a birth certificate).

The definition of an immediate family member includes spouse, de facto partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, or child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the member's spouse or de facto partner
This definition includes step-relations, for example step-parents and step-children. 

Documentation must be posted to the Membership Services Centre, PO Box 1305 Subiaco WA 6904, or emailed to Transfer requests will be processed within 7-10 working days of receipt by the club. 

Please note that membership history, as recorded in length of years, does not transfer with the seat.

Do you offer a country membership?

We recommend the Eagles Nest membership for people who cannot regularly attend games, but would like to stay connected to the club. If country-based fans wish to attend regular games in the future, it's recommended they purchase an In The Wings package.

From 2018, the club is pleased to offer Flexi Memberships for the first time, with 3 Game and 5 Game memberships available. Flexi Memberships will be offered out to our In The Wings members by order of their waitlist number. 

How do I update my details?

Have your contact details changed? Updating your details online is quick and easy. After logging into your account, simply hover over the member zone icon to the top right of screen and select 'change details'.

How do I manage my email subscriptions?

West Coast Eagles members can choose what communications they receive from the club through a number of email subscriptions. To update your subscription preferences, simply log into your account and hover over the Member Zone icon to the top right of your screen and select 'change details'. Under the 'view all quick links' drop down menu select 'account settings' and then 'email subscription preferences'.

How do I change my password?

To ensure your details remain secure, you will be allocated a password to protect your personal information. Changing your password online is quick and easy. After logging into your account, simply hover over the Member Zone icon to the top right of your screen and select 'change details'. Under the 'view all quick links' drop down menu select 'change password'. 

What are the terms and conditions of a West Coast Eagles membership?

For a full list of membership terms and conditions, please click here.

What are the 2019 membership prices?

Type ADULT CONCESSION JUNIOR 1 + 2 2 + 1 2 + 2 2 + 3
Club 87 $1665 $1332 $999 $3164 $3830 $4662 $5495
Blue & Gold Terrace $1185 $948 $711 $2252 $2726 $3318 $3911
A Reserve $840 $672 $504 $1596 $1932 $2352 $2772
B Reserve $730 $584 $438 $1387 $1679 $2044 $2409
C Reserve $620 $496 $372 $1178 $1426 $1736 $2046
D Reserve $510 $408 $306 $969 $1173 $1428 $1683
E Reserve $400 $320 $240 $760 $920 $1120 $1320
The Front Row $675 $540 $405 $1283 $1553 $1890 $2228
3-Game Flexi $110 $88 $66     $308  
5-Game Flexi $170 $136 $102     $476  
In The Wings $70            
Eagles Nest $50            
Eagles Rising Stars $55            
Rick's Rookies $55            
Rick's Rascals $45            
Baby Eagles $35            


Please note: membership prices for Interstate, Victorian Gold, and Victorian Platinum memberships will be released once the AFL Fixture for 2019 is known.

What do I need to do to renew my membership online?

To renew online, you will need your membership number and password (found on your renewal email or invoice, or available on request by phoning the Membership Services Centre on (08) 9388 4566). Simply click the 'Renew Now' button at the base of the page, or the 'Renew' button at the top of the page. 

What is Eagle Easy?

To make renewing your membership even easier, we’ve introduced three automatic renewal plans for you to choose from: Eagle Easy Upfront, which requires one full payment in November (November 1, 8 or 15 in 2018); Eagle Easy Two Part which requires two equal payments in November and February each year (November 1, 2018 and February 21, 2019), and an Eagle Easy Four Part, which requires four equal payments each month from November to February (November 8, December 13, January 24 and February 21). Your membership will automatically roll over at the end of each season and you will have the assurance of securing either your reserved seat or wait list position every year, as well as comfort in the knowledge that you won’t miss a deadline. There are no additional fees involved. You will receive a reminder before the payment is deducted, and you can opt out at any stage by contacting the Membership Services Centre on (08) 9388 4566.

Please note that Eagle Easy payment dates are subject to change.

How do I sign up for Eagle Easy automatic renewal?

Simply renew online by clicking on the 'Renew Membership' tile at the bottom of the page and select one of the Eagle Easy plans as your payment option when prompted. Click here for a full list of terms and conditions.

Am I eligible for a concession membership?

Concession membership is available to full-time students (15 and over), aged pensioners, invalid pensioners, war widows/war veterans and single supporting parents as stipulated by the AFL. 

Unfortunately, senior card holders do not qualify for concession membership.

If you are an adult changing to concession for the 2018 season, please attach a photocopy of your concession card to your renewal invoice. You will need to return this with payment to the Membership Services Centre, PO Box 1305 Subiaco WA 6904.

What do I need to renew my membership with Bpay?

To pay using Bpay, you’ll need the biller code and reference number found on your paper invoice.

I have yet to receive my membership package. When can I expect for it to arrive?

Please click here to track your membership pack

How do I change my seat from an adult pricing to junior or concession?

If you are changing your adult priced membership into a junior or concession rate the club requires documentation. To be valid for the concession rate we require a War Veterans card, current student card or a government issued Pensioner Concession Card (PCC).  To apply the junior rate, the club requires a copy of the members birth certificate. 

A copy of this documentation should be sent to

Seat Return Program

What are the terms and conditions of the Seat Return program?

Click here for a full list of seat return terms and conditions.

How do I sell my seat using the Seat Return program?

Using the Seat Return Program is easy! Simply follow these steps to return online, or call the club on (08) 9388 4566 during business hours (8.30-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm Saturdays).

Please note that the club cannot accept return by email, and if you would like to sell your seat on match day (up until four hours prior to bouncedown) you will need to complete the online process.

How much credit do I receive for returning my seat?

Return credits are only applied to the following season's membership renewal if your seat is successfully on-sold by Ticketmaster. 

Please see below for a list of 2019 Seat Return credits

Club 87 $100 $80 $60 $90 $50
Blue & Gold Terrace $71 $57 $43 $64 $36
A Reserve $50 $40 $30 $45 $25
B Reserve $44 $35 $26 $39 $22
C Reserve $37 $30 $22 $33 $19
D Reserve $31 $24 $18 $28 $15
E Reserve $24 $19 $14 $22 $12


Is Ticketmaster resale the same as the West Coast Eagles Seat Return program?

No. While West Coast Eagles Seat Return Program tickets are sold through Ticketmaster, the "Ticketmaster Resale" platform is a third-party site and is not administered by the West Coast Eagles.

When will West Coast Eagles seat return tickets be released in 2019?

Seat Return tickets will be released for each game on the Monday two weeks prior to the game to our In The Wings, Eagles Rising Stars, Eagles Nest and Rick's Rookies members. Additional releases will occur at 9am on each week day of this week. Members are required to use their membership number as their offer code to access these tickets.

There will also be further releases at 9am week day leading into each game and is open to all members and the general public. All tickets are available for purchase via

Optus Stadium FAQs

Can I see a map of Optus Stadium? 

Yes! Click here to access Virtual Venue and here for a static map. Please click here for an amenities map.


Where are the undercover seats at Optus Stadium? 

Although Optus Stadium is reported to have 85% of seats under the dripline, the roof is very lightweight - and very high. This means that most sections are subject to the elements, particularly in the event of heavy rain or wind. The club recommends that members use Virtual Venue to navigate sections of Perth Stadium for a greater understanding of cover. 


What is accessibility like at Optus Stadium? 

Optus Stadium has been designed with accessibility in mind for all patrons. Level 5 can easily be accessed by escalators and lifts, with the ability walk around the whole concourse. You can enter at any gate to reach your seat. The only areas that can't be reached by escalator or lift are Sections 326 - 334 (west) and 301 - 310 (east). These sections will be reached from stairs on level 1. 

Please click here for an access map.


Where is the West Coast Eagles race at Optus Stadium? What about the away team cheer squad? 

The team will run out near the Field Club - section 117 - and run back in near section 114. The opposition cheer squad will be located at the eastern end of the ground.


Is there a Captain's Club membership at Optus Stadium?

As Optus Stadium has a brand new layout, with a different seating bowl design and function room placement to Subi, the club is refreshing all membership categories and their benefits. As such, 'Captain's Club' as a seating category will no longer exist; however, the club intends on carrying over the legacy of the Captain's Club in the following ways:

  • The Perth Stadium River Room will be named the 'Captain's Club', allowing members to continue to enjoy their cherished match day experience in a much larger room, with stunning city and river views. The River Room is located on level 3 west.
  • Members who held a Captain's Club membership at Domain Stadium will continue to be acknowledged on honour boards upon reaching 20 years of membership. These will be displayed in the Captain's Club at Perth Stadium.
  • The club will explore the option of holding Captain's Club lunches prior to a few matches each season, at an affordable price with appearances from guest speakers. Those who held a Captain's Club membership at Domain Stadium will have a priority to book into these functions.

A and B Reserve members will be provided first priority for access to the Captain's Club function room at Perth Stadium; however, it is hoped that capacity allow will allow access to most reserved seat members wishing to utilise the space. Usage and capacity issues will be monitored throughout the season.


Are there alcohol-free (dry) areas allocated at Optus Stadium? 

Yes, sections 131, 511 and 550 will be alcohol-free. 


I'm a member and I don't have my membership card. How do I get into a home match? 

Click here for your e-ticket and mobile ticketing options.


When will tickets to West Coast Eagles home games go on sale? 

General public tickets for the majority of West Coast Eagles home matches at Optus Stadium will go on sale at 9am on Thursday, March 7, through Ticketmaster

Tickets for round 4, West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle, will go on sale at 9am on Monday, April 1.


How can I purchase tickets to West Coast Eagles away matches? 

Please click here for a full run down of away match ticketing arrangements


There are no tickets available for the home match I want to attend. Can I purchase a ticket through a third party (such as eBay, Viagogo or Ticketmaster resale)? 

As there is a high demand for our product, some individuals seek their own financial gain from our passionate supporters by purchasing tickets to our home games and then on-selling them at a premium through eBay, or other third party platforms. This sits very uncomfortably with us and we have an obligation to protect our wait list members and supporters wanting to attend our matches from paying highly inflated prices.

Please be aware that the club investigates all general public ticket sales to home games at Perth Stadium and will cancel tickets if they have been purchased by a known scalper. We ask that you avoid purchasing tickets to our home games via a third party as you risk being denied entry to the game.

Please refer to the club's terms and conditions for further information.





Flexi Membership FAQs

How do I reserve my position at West Coast home matches with my Flexi membership? 

Click here to access the Ticketmaster event page for the West Coast Eagles

- Click “See Tickets” on the “AFL & WCE Flexi members” event that you want to secure.

- Enter your barcode(s) into the relevant boxes
- Click ‘Check Barcodes’
- Select FREE MEMBER AREA for seating area
- For Section, select CATEGORY SIX (This is the Flexi member upgrade area)
- Select ‘Print at Home’ and continue
- You will receive your allocation and be prompted to pay the $5.75 handling fee.

How do I obtain my barcode number(s)? 

Your barcode number(s) will be detailed on your membership card(s). If you are yet to recieve your membership card(s), you should have been sent an email detailing your associated barcode numbers for immediate use. Alternatively if these processes haven't occured, you can contact Membership Services at to retrieve your barcode numbers.  

What do I need the barcode number(s) for? 

You will require your barcode number(s) for the Ticketmaster reservation process mentioned above. 

Will I be given specific seating when I reserve my matches at Optus Stadium? 

Correct. You will be allocated specific seating for the size of your booking between sections 502-509. This allocation will be automatically generated and only relevant for the match day that you have booked. The seating for the day will be presented on your booking receipt which will be provided by Ticketmaster.

Am I able to purchase additional tickets for friends and family members with my Flexi membership?

You can purchase additional tickets through the Ticketmaster reservation process for selected matches only. 

Follow the below steps to do so. 

1. Head to our Ticketmaster event page here  
2. Select “SEE TICKETS” next to the event you want to book your place at
3. Enter your barcode into the area that’s detailed “ADD BARCODES”. Click “CHECK BARCODES”  
5. Add any additional tickets that you want under the Additional Tickets tab
6. Select the price category you want under the Section tab (Please note that grouping your seat with additional seats will give you an alternative location)
7. Complete the purchase process to secure your spot at the event  

I want to eventually upgrade into reserved seating, how do I do this?

Flexi Members who wish to apply for an upgrade into reserved seating need to complete this online form before October 26, 2018. Please ensure you have also renewed your current membership for 2019 before the cut-off date in order to be eligible for an upgrade.

Do I get a priority to upgrade into reserved seating if/now I've upgraded into a Flexi membership?

Your ability to upgrade into 11-game reserved seat membership in the future will rely entirely on your membership longevity with the club. This longevity is the length of time that you have continuous years of membership with the West Coast Eagles.