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Ahead of the 2019 AFL Season, the West Coast Eagles are giving reserved seat members the opportunity to request a change of seats at Optus Stadium.
Before submitting your request for a seat change, please have a careful read of the below information:
  • The West Coast Eagles would like to reiterate that members who wish to change seats must renew their existing reserved seat membership by due date listed on their 2019 membership invoice in order to be eligible for a change.


  • Members who request a move will not lose their current seat until they actively select a new one during their seat move window (see below).
  • The ability for members to change seats is based on existing (2018) reserved seat members relinquishing their seats; the ability to change seats is not guaranteed. To further clarify: your ability to change is based on the members who occupy the seats in your desired area giving up their memberships. Given the success of the 2018 season, we do not anticipate a large number of members will hand in their memberships. 
  • As reserved seat memberships were at capacity for the 2018 season, and we do not anticipate that large sets of seats will become available, it is highly unlikely that groups of more than four members will be able to find seats together.
  •  Member(s) who wish to change seats for medical reasons will need to validate their request with a letter from a doctor outlining the requirements, issued within the last 6 months. Failure to attach the appropriate documentation to the seat change form will mean that the medical priority afforded to the request is relinquished.
  • Seat changes for a valid medical reason will be offered initially, followed by non-medical changes in order of tenure.
  • The anticipated timeline of seat change offer windows is as follows (please note this is subject to change, and that once opened,  windows will remain open until the end of the process):
    1. Medical requests: late November > early December 2018
    2. 25+ year members: mid December 2018
    3. 20 – 25 year members: late December 2018
    4. 15 – 20 year members: mid-January 2019
    5. 10 – 15 year members: late January 2019
  • Those requesting moves will not be ‘grouped’ together (this was a process unique to the stadium transition). Instead, members will remain in their current accounts. Those who share an account ID (eg, members of the same household), will be able to select their own seats using the online process.
  • The online process for selecting your new seats will utilise an Interactive Seat Map (ISM). During your window, you will be able to move to new seats, pending availability at that time. There is no need to pre-nominate your desired seating at this stage. Please ensure you consult the FAQs carefully before selecting your new seats.


The West Coast Eagles will communicate by email to eligible members ahead of their seat change window.

The ability to lodge your expression of interest for a seat change for 2019 has now closed. Only applications for special circumstances will be accepted. Please contact the club on for details.